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Get involved

There are many easy ways to help share the Love Food Hate Waste message.


Add a link to on your organisation’s intranet and/or website to help raise awareness and direct people to information and tips on reducing food waste.

You can also follow our Facebook page and like and share our posts on your own organisation’s page.


Within your organisation

Posters and recipe cards are a great way to raise awareness of the problem of food waste. Display them in your organisation’s foyer, or in schools, libraries, health services and other public buildings.


Running a LFHW event

A LFHW event is something you can organise yourself at work or in local schools or other groups, or you can incorporate one into a bigger event such as the local farmers’ market. Here are some tips for a successful event:


  • Promote your event as widely as you can. Consider local newspapers and radio, emails, newsletters, websites and social media, and don’t forget posters in libraries or your organisation’s foyer.
  • Showbags can bring people over but having items in bags can make it harder to talk about their individual uses. Consider providing bags (you could print your own reuseable ones) and letting people pop items in them themselves (after you’ve had a great conversation about all the items!)
  • Location location location! Try to get a stall in a spot where you anticipate lots of people - often this is near the entrance.
  • Don’t overload your stall with material on too many different sustainability aspects. If resources permit, have a dedicated LFHW stall to display the full range of collateral
  • What’s your drawcard to bring people over for a conversation? Consider a competition, display or giveaways. Even a brightly coloured poster will attract attention.
  • Use food to engage your audience – hand out samples of food made from typical leftovers (check with your council about any food permits you may need)
  • People love sharing their own advice for reducing food waste. Think of a way to capture this home-grown knowledge. Some options are a tips competition, ‘vox-pop’ style video, or social media.
  • Consider providing colouring sheets or another activity to share the messages with children while their parents are talking and learning about reducing food waste.

Think outside the box! What else can you include at your event to help draw people in for a conversation?

To be inspired by what others are doing, check out our case studies of previous LFHW activities.

Love your food

Victoria throws out $700 million worth of leftovers per year.