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Each week the contents of our weekly garbage bins comprise a large proportion of food waste. Some of this can’t be avoided, such as tea bags and orange peels, but much of it can. In fact 25% of the contents of our garbage bins is made up of avoidable food waste – food that was purchased with the intention of being eaten but was instead discarded.

Reducing food waste benefits our environment and can also save households money - Victorian households estimate that they throw away up to $2,200 a year in wasted food (Sustainability Victoria, 2014).

To address this, Sustainability Victoria developed the Love Food Hate Waste Victoria campaign. This is modelled on the United Kingdom's Love Food Hate Waste campaign and the Love Food Hate Waste campaign delivered by the NSW Environment Protection Authority.

Love Food Hate Waste Victoria focuses on raising awareness of the large amounts of avoidable food waste in our state, and provides information and tips for householders to reduce waste and save money. The campaign shares ways to reduce food waste in four key areas:

  • Planning
  • Shopping
  • Cooking
  • Storage.

The LFHW campaign shares these messages via this website, short videos, and Facebook.

Find out more about how you can get involved in the campaign.


    Love your food

    Victoria throws out $4 billion worth of food each year.