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Pantry tips

Storing food in the right way helps keep it fresh and tasty for longer.

Try these tips for getting the most out of your pantry:

Apply FIFO

FIFO means First In, First Out. When you're unpacking the shopping, stack newer items at the back and bring items that are nearing their use-by or best-before dates to the front so you know you need to use them first. 


Clearing out your pantry so you can easily see what you’ve got will make meal planning and writing your grocery list easier. And you'll get a great feeling of satisfaction next time you open the doors to a tidy pantry!

Know your dates 

Foods with best-before dates can still be safely consumed after that date - Best Before simply means that their quality may start degrading after that date. So don't bin it when you're decluttering - just know you need to use it up asap!

Airtight storage

To save your food from being crushed and to keep it fresh, put half empty packets into hard sealable containers. Stackable glass jars look great, will last for ages and let you see what you have. Even flour gets stale so once you’ve opened it, decant or put the whole open packet into a sealed canisters.

Bag clips 

Likewise, whether its a peg, an elastic band or a proper bag clip, using one to seal opened bags of pasta, noodles or biscuits will keep them fresh and avoid spillage that could attract nasty visitors. 

Jot it down  

Keep a notepad and pen near or in your pantry so you can write down foods you run out of as you go. Before you shop, do a quick pantry check to see what you need and add it to the list. You'll never forget something or double up again!


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Love your food

Each year Victorian households throw out 31,500 tonnes of fresh vegetables.