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Love your food, love your fridge

43 per cent of Victorians say that the main culprit for food wastage is food being left in the fridge and freezer for too long.

Storing many foods in the fridge will keep them fresher for longer, but when was the last time you checked the temperature control on your fridge? 

Check out our top tips for getting the best food storage from your fridge:

  • Keep your fridge temp between 3-4 degrees Celsius. Buy a fridge thermometer from your local supermarket so you know exactly what the temperature is inside your fridge.
  • Keep perishable and cooked foods in your fridge. Storing these in the fridge will prevent harmful bacteria growing and help reduce the rate of spoilage. Check out our Storage dos and donts for more information on the best way to store different foods.  
  • Store raw and cooked foods separately. Raw meats especially, which should be stored in a sealed container on the bottom shelf to avoid dripping and contaminating other foods.
  • Avoid overcrowding in your fridge. Air must be able to circulate around the food for the fridge to keep it cool.
  • Don't eat food that has been out of the fridge for more than two hours. Between 5 and 60 degrees Celsius is the ‘temperature danger zone’ where bacteria, a common cause of food poisoning, can reproduce quickly. Get all food in the fridge and under 5 degrees within 2 hours.


Do a 5-minute fridge check

To make sure you're getting the longest shelf-life from the food you buy, why not do a 5-minute fridge check this weekend? 

  1. Feel around the seals on the fridge and freezer to check they are intact and watch if they are closing properly.
  2. Leave a thermometer inside the fridge and close the door. After 2 minutes, check the temperature. If it's not between 3 to 4 degrees Celcius, adjust it. 
  3. Repeat to check the freezer temp is between -15 to -18 degrees Celcius.
  4. Check the fridge is not over-crowded and air can circulate around the food. Remove any unnecessary or out-of-date items.

If you've adjusted the temperature and your fridge and freezer won't stay in the right temperature zone, you may need to get them serviced professionally.


What about your pantry? Check out the Pantry tips page to see if you're getting the most from your pantry storage.

Love your food

Each year Victorian households throw out 35,000 tonnes of dairy and eggs.