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Most of us know that food waste is a big issue and try to do our bit to reduce it. And yet the average family in Victoria loses over $2,000 a year from wasting food. And two thirds of it could have been eaten. That’s a lot of money to simply throw away!

Reducing your food waste can save you money. And it helps the environment by conserving the water, energy and natural resources that are used to grow, transport and then dispose of food waste.

So what can you do to waste less food? The best way to reduce food waste is to not create it in the first place. And better planning and shopping will help you do just that. 

By planning meals and shopping to a list (and sticking to it!) you can reduce the amount of food waste and money you throw away. 

In fact, we've just filmed three Victorian families as they took on a four week challenge to do just that - plan meals, shop to a list and eat what you've got. Watch the short documentary below. 


Watch the Love Food Hate Waste film

Three families. Four weeks. One comedian. And a challenge to waste less food to see how much money they can save. 

We've challenged three Victorian families to give their shopping list some love to see if they can waste less and save money on their groceries. Hosted by the hilarious Cal Wilson, we've been filming them in the appropriately named Victorian town of Lysterfield.

Watch the eye-opening film that could save you thousands of dollars a year!



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See how much you can save by reducing your food waste with the Love a List 4-week Challenge.

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Each year Victorian households throw out 3,000 tonnes of confectionary or snacks.