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What is Love Food Hate Waste all about?

Love Food Hate Waste is a campaign that aims to raise awareness of avoidable food waste from Victorian households. Each year Victorian households send over 250,000 tonnes of avoidable food waste to landfill, presenting a financial loss for households and also impacting on our environment.

Who is delivering the campaign?

Love Food Hate Waste is brought to you by the Victorian Government and delivered by Sustainability Victoria.

Why is food waste such a problem for our environment?

When food is thrown in the bin it is sent to landfill. Because of the way food waste breaks down in landfill, it can create methane; a greenhouse gas. Unless well managed it can lead to potential environmental and public health risks as methane and leachate can migrate from landfills into the surrounding environment.

Are there other Love Food Hate Waste campaigns?

Yes, this campaign is linked to the successful campaign of the same name developed in the United Kingdom by WRAP UK and delivered in New South Wales by the Environment Protection Authority. In Victoria the campaign is delivered by Sustainability Victoria.

Love your food

Each year Victorian households throw out 3,000 tonnes of confectionary or snacks.