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Do I really waste that much money?


So why is food waste such a big deal?

Is it really costing me that much money?

Unfortunately for the average Victorian family, the answer is probably yes.

Here's how much it's costing: 

• The average Victorian household throws out $2,136 worth of food each year – that's almost $42 per week!

• Victorians collectively throw out $5.4 billion worth of food each year.

• Victorians throw away $700 million worth of leftovers per year – that’s enough to buy laptops for 580,000 school children


So while nobody wants to waste food, it certainly does happen. And it is potentially costing your family money as well as wasting precious resources.


The good news?


Wasting food is something that we can easily change by just doing a few things differently - like shopping with a list and checking if you're storing items correctly.

You'll save on your grocery bill and help the environment!


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Love your food

Victoria throws out $661 million worth of packaged and long life food per year.