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Learn how to reduce your food waste

Food waste costs the average Victorian household over $2,000 every year. Find out some great ways to waste less food, save money and help the environment.  read more
Love Food Hate Waste The Documentary

Watch the new film!

Watch the new short documentary to see how you could be saving thousands of dollars a year by cutting your food waste. 

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Love your list to waste less and save more

Find out how you can waste less and stop throwing money away by shopping to a list - and sticking to it!

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Leftover lunchbox ideas

Tired of seeing lunch boxes come back from school full of food? Check out these quick and creative lunchbox ideas the kids will actually eat.
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How food waste affects the planet

How our food waste affects the planet

Click through to our quick video showing just how our food waste is affecting the environment. And find out how you can make a difference.
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Join the Love a List food waste challenge

Love a List Challenge

Join the 4-week Challenge and see how much you can save.

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Top food tips

Tips to store your food and keep it fresh

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How-to videos

Watch kitchen tips, recipes and hacks in action

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